10 décembre 2013

HONEyRaceR by Atelier Chatokhine X Lucky Cat Garage.

Frank & Seb / Atelier Chatokhine & Lucky Cat Garage. photo: Daniel Beres.

For our new project we temporarly named "HoneyRacer" the Lucky Cat Garage teams up with Atelier Chatokhine !
Driven by Frank for 10 years now Atelier Chatokhine is probably one of the best (not to say the best but difficult to keep an objective opinion as it's part of the family !!!) workshop in France and Europe when it comes to classic british bikes. Really.

Frank Chatokhine. photo: Daniel Beres.
So what's the idea behind the project ? we simply want to build together an awesome Triumph pre unit racer starting with a duplex frame and some crappy parts we are going to renew and bits we have to machine. The bike will be a pure racing machine with style and crazy details.

'61 Triumph Duplex is the base. photo: Daniel Beres.

We are doing this for a very special woman. Who is that lucky girl you might probably ask ? well, she's special ! She's Frank's beloved sister and she's the Lucky Cat best friend. Now you should understand why this project is already special for these reasons and why we will put so much love in this scoot ...

Cylinderhead tuning by Roland Chatokhine. photo: Daniel Beres.
Legendary Roland Chatokhine (Frank's father) will also take part and has just started the engine rebuilt and tuning !

Second interesting point is that we will have a new approach for this project. Usually we're building special bikes and then trying to adapt us to take the ride. But in that case we will built the bike so it will fit her perfectly to be fast on track and show how intrepid she is !

Style & shape will follow function & purpose. We want to push this idea to its maximum and we are quite excited to start and happy to share our work with you here but also on the Lucky Cat Garage
Facebook page and for sure Atelier Chatokhine's Instagram ... so stay tuned !

Frame modifications to make the thing clean. photo: Daniel Beres.

Our friend Daniel Beres will again cover the built with his nice pictures.

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