28 août 2015

Who Wants to Kill the Cat ?

Super happy to face some new challengers for a special sprint duringGlemseck 101 next week !

They will battle to race against our ‪#‎sprintbeemer‬ next week during Glemseck 101 : 

Ehinger Kraftrad Harley Davidson FXDX 120R,

Kraftstoffschmiede BMW ‪#‎catkiller‬

Mecatwin Jawa ‪#‎sprintbike‬

> Challenge accepted for the sprintbeemer ! can't wait to play with you buddies émoticône grin

28 juillet 2015


Brainf**k : Discover the painting of our ‪#‎sprintbeemer‬ with Benny "Machine17" & Nico last year !
> special thanks to Benny, Nico & Cyril.

25 juillet 2015

Wheels&Waves by Nick Clements

The Wheels and Waves festival 2015 was extraordinary for its bikes, its racing, its art, its music, its style, but most of all its people. This eight minute film takes you through the first two days of the happening.

great vid by Nick Clements for Southsiders MC ! 

22 juillet 2015

#9 is our lucky number !

#9 is our lucky number ! we had super nice times in Kings Lynn for #DTRA round 4 & #DirtQuake presented by our friends from Sideburn.
Amazing bikes, good ride, racing, sliding, beers, awesome bands ...

Our #loudfast #daxmix did well finishing 6th in the DirtQuake ladies class while the #fotozino #crf #dtx got 4th / 34 in the DTRA rookie class. Thumbs up to all riders & especially Frank, Christophe, Jeremy, Christophe, Dimitri, Serge, Hubert, Maxime, Laurence, Renia, Laurence !
Special thoughts for Lennard from Bubble Visor.

We've got the #flattrackfever now & can't wait to train more to get faster & hopefully join the last round in Rye House to race again.

Thanks again to everybody who worked hard to make it happen & to our friends from Furygan, FTWco & Gentlemen's Factory for their support.

Check all photos on this link !