30 septembre 2015

Glemseck 101 2015 !

Glemseck 101 10th anniversary was a real blast of race & fun, music & ride, goodtimes & friendship !!! We had some much fun & goodtimes racing with you all in the different classes and also partying all around in our base camp we shared with our buddies from Southsiders MC (special thanks to them for the military tents set up with that special Wheels & Waves feeling), El Solitario MC, Young Guns Speed Shop, UCC, Blitz Motorcycles, Valtoron and Atelier Chatokhine.

The International Sprint.
This is the class in which many famous bike builders are invited to race and show their latest custom bikes. We were really honored again to be invited to be part of this year selection. Our Sprintbeemer did well in that class finishing 3rd ! We have won against several powerful bikes such as 2 Suzuki 1100 GSXR tuned by KMP, the great turbocharged Ducati from Zen Motorcycles and last but not least the Edelweiss Motorsport nineT monster ridden by Maria Costello ... not that bad for our good old 2 valves boxer !
Our buddy Sylvain from Holographic Hammer kicked us out with his 2014 winning Suzuki 1200 Tzar but he lost against the incredibly fast green Yamaha TR1 "Skinny Beast" built by Schlachtwerk !
> Check the pictures on this link !

The Deutschland vs France Sprint.
It was time for the revanche for the german team who lost the first match organized during the Cafe Racer Festival in Monthléry in june. But this time our german friends were faster and they won.

Congrats again to all 32 participants and for sure thumbs up again to the German Sprint Team. We can't wait to race again with you for a final round ...
> find all photos in this gallery !

The StaRRwars Sprint.
We won already two times this class with the Sprintbeemer. We thought it wasn't fun to come back once more with our boxer so we decided to jump into this crazy rigid frame dragstrip riot with our #FriscoBagger shovelhead. Quite a challenge with the suicide shifter but the bike shown quite a good health beating a nice german orange shovelhead for the first round. 

Our buddy Sebastien Gutsch beats us in the second round with his lovely BMW R5SS as we were going out of fuel on the starting grid when the flag got down .... not a bad excuse but really stupid thing can happen ! whatever we were super happy to be part of it once again with all the great guys on their crazy bikes.

We finished riding while the sun was gone ... was time to share some beers & to party !

>Watch out the gallery here !

Saturday night was incredible ! First we made a nice surprise together with our mates from Motor Circus in the surprise to Jorg Litzenburger ... He was sure to give us an award for being this year best motorcycle culture ambassador but we decided to make it our own rules. This award has to be given to the 101 team represented by Jorg. We think everybody agreed that they deserve it for organizing this pure motorcycle passion event which is Glemseck 101 for 10 years now !

Then we had a great party thanks to our friends from Valtoron, Jens & Jorn who organized an incredible night club in our tents: crazy sound system, good play list and even smoke machine & lights show. Can't remember when we managed to reach our bed but we can remember to have dance on the grass !

We woke sunday morning trying to reborn from our ashes from a really short night's rest !

"Who wants to kill the Cat ?" Sprint.
Organized by Jorg to challenge the bike builders who were motivated to try to beat our sprintbeemer during Glemseck 101, this special sprint was awesome. First of all the competitors line up was incredible: PlanB "Cherry Salt" dustbin faired Buell, Young Guns Speed Shop "Ferdinand the Sparrow" sprintguzzi, Schachtwerk "skinny beast" TR1, Kraftofschmiede "CatKiller" nitrous BMW, El Solitario "Big Bad Wolf" highly tuned 1300 XJR, VTR Stucki 2 Rad "Polizei" supercharged & nitrous BMW, FCR Original "Crazy Bonnie" nitrous Triumph Bonneville and our mates from Wrenchmonkees with their Monkeefist Yamaha 1300 XJR. 
Mecatwin did not show up and unfortunately our mate Uwe Ehinger couldn't race as his 120R engine blown the clutch on saturday sprint.

While all these nice dudes were fighting each other on the strip it was a struggle to wake up our sprintbeemer. The Cat was refusing to start after several trials ! (thanks again to all the friends who helped to push by the way !!!).
We quickly made a diagnostic with the crew and fixed the problem as quick as possible with the help of our friends from Edelweiss Motorsport. 
On the track El Solitario's Big Bad Wolf was almost beating all the competitors even if our good buddies from Young Guns Speed Shop did fight hard and showed impressive starts. The challenger for the Lucky Cat was known: it would be a spanish wolf !

Mauro did a good start but on the starting grid the sprintbeemer take off was fast once more ... but on the finish line El Solitario's Big Bad Wolf was the winner for some meters ... The Cat Killer is the spanish Wolf this year !

What a great battle and good fun we had altogether again in Glemseck101. The next opportunity to race can't come soon but we'll have time to refurbish and improve our weapon for next season in the workshop !

> many thanks to all the photographers for their nice shots : Aurore de Bettignies, David Marvier, Herman Koepf, Motor Rausch, Motor Circus, Ralf Reisch, Hangplay, Timo Lemans, DoudXIII, Frederic Seeman, Sascha Feuster, Wrenchmonkees, Laurent Scavone, Joachim Strolin, Jorn Zastera.

Many many thanks to all of you for your ongoing support, love & friendship.

Thumbs up to Jorg & the 101 crew, Sabine & Maik @ MO, Steven Flier & Surfazz for organizing such an awesome event every year ! you guys rock ! 

Happy 10th Anniversary Glemseck 101 !