26 février 2014

engines ready to fly !

Triumph pre-unit engines ready to fly @Atelier Chatokhine : T100 for Frank's Rickman Metisse flat tracker & T110 for the #honeyracer project ... back to the workshop to wrench a bit on the #honeyracer rolling chassis !
This is the good life.

24 février 2014

a visit @ MOTOPOéTIQUE

We had a quick visit in Lyon for the Motopoétique exhibition. 

Some artwork pieces aren't easy to understand but according to the curators this is "An ode to thrills and thrill-seekers, the Motopoétique exhibition presents, through over 200 works, contemporary art in relation to biker culture and poetics – a visual culture.

Why motorbikes?

Nothing could be simpler or more complex at the same time. Everything is stated, obvious, with motorbikes – from speed to death, love to war or indeed from the technical aspect to the aesthetic. Moreover, motorbikes are a way of life. If ‘art is what artists do’, then motorbikes are probably ‘what bikers do’. As a result, Motopoétique is not an exhibition of motorbikes. Motopoétique is an art exhibition."

Nevertheless some "real" motorcycles such as Southsiders Mc Impossible Team Triton, Maxwell Paternoster Lazer Death BSA, Lazareth Auto-Moto FZR 1000, Boxer Design Squale, CAFE RACER Marley and The Lucky Cat Garage #sprintbeemer are part of this exhibition !

Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon 21 February > 20 April 2014.

7 février 2014


The Sprintbeemer is in this exhibition ! Go along if you are in Lyon !
Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon
Cité internationale
81 quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 LYON