28 octobre 2013

Salon Moto Légende 2013

We had really good times during the Salon Moto Légende 2013 in Paris (Vincennes) last week end with our mates from Atelier Chatokhine, FAT club, Blitz Motorcycles, Black Motors ... and for sure all friends and fans who came to visit us ! Many Thanks for your support guys !

photo: David Marvier.

With a left leg still injured The Lucky Cat got again the LUCK to receive a great help from friends: Rémi & son from our partner Instantané for the awesome display, Pierre-Alexandre & Hugo, Daniel for the new photoshooting and for sure all the Lucky Cat family who came also !

Many thanks to Hélène, Sébastien, Christophe & Nicolas from the
Salon Moto Légende team for hosting us and all the good work with the organisation of this nice classic bike show.

Also an incredible discussion with living legend Colin Seeley on Bonhams stand & pure porn for eyes and soul with the Nougier racers on the show !

More photos on

17 octobre 2013

Let's have a rest & meet in Paris !

Several weeks after our great Glemseck 101 adventures and awesome moments in Leonberg we are happy to announce you that The Lucky Cat Garage will have a rest in Paris for the Salon Moto Légende.

We are lucky enough again to be invited there to display the sprintbeemer during this very nice classic bike show in Vincennes from friday 25th until sunday 27th october @ the Parc Floral de Vincennes.

We will have nothing for sale and we just want to meet you and celebrate our past and upcoming motorcycling adventures !
Get the Luck, Come and meet us there dude.

16 octobre 2013


This race bike was built for speed in 2007/2008 to enter the Bol d'Or Classic.
I built this racer with a low budget with my friend Thomas "Butch" using a '76 Kawasaki Z900 A4. Unfortunately my mate Thomas left us forever in a motorcycle crash one month before the race.
I decided my friends from the FATclub to finish it in time and to race this beast in his memory. The race was really incredible loaded with both smiles and tears.
We did it! I think Thomas's proud of what we achieved.

Here are some pics from the archive !

photos: FullNours/FATclub.

14 octobre 2013

Perfect Start for the Sprintbeemer.

The Sprintbeemer has no starter on board anymore ... reason why we need an external device or some push from friends to wake up this beast for dragstrip riot.

Thanks to
Perfect Start we will have a new starting device for next year ! We've just test it and it works perfectly with its brand new design !

7 octobre 2013

SinGLe DaiLy CaFe.

Built 10 years ago to commute through the Paris traffic jams ! This little thumper was a really nice "daily rider".
The basis is a Yamaha SR 500 48T from the 90s. Clearly spoken it's mostly made ouf of bolt on stuff ... not that much time spent in the workshop for it !

Main mods:
>clip on handlebars.
>billet upper triple tree with small meters.
>black & copper scallop paintjob on original tank.
>VD Classic single seat with one off upholstery.
>BMW R1200C chrome horn grill.
>one off rear sets
>Supertrapp megaphone 4'' muffler.
>Mikuni TM36 flatside carb with K&N filter.
>sport camshaft & special oil pump from VD Classic.
>540cc Wiseco kit. >shortened rear mudguard.
>alloy short front mudguard with Manx style brackets.
>Lucas front & rear light.

All pictures by Thomas Caplain. / If you want to see the complete photoset, please check the album on THIS LINK on The Lucky Cat Garage Facebook page !

4 octobre 2013

fiNiSheD !

As I can't wrench, weld or machine something in the workshop for the moment I had time to finish the paint job on the Biltwell megaflake helmet I started. For a first test it's not perfect but no so bad !

On the left side and front I simply used some kool varnished stickers from Mooneyes & Edwin to complete the style.

Can't wait to train on another one !