25 septembre 2014

Awesome photos album of Glemseck 101

Thanks to all of our friends we have made an incredible photo album of Glemseck 101 ! Daniel Beres, David Marvier, Jenny Jurnelius, Rénia, Aurore Deb., Ralf Reisch, Klassik Kustoms, Hermann Head, hangaround, Uta Bodenstein, Motor Circus, Monkeefist ...

23 septembre 2014

congrats brother !


Our brother Frank Chatokhine is the new (and first) Vintage Class 2014 DTRA champion after 6 victories in a raw for his first season on his own built Rickman Metisse powered by a '54 Triumph pre unit !

Congrats also to our buddies Christophe 8cycles for his first season & Dimitri for setting up the show every time he's riding. 

DTRA organization is great. Flat Track is awesome. 

Don't try. It's highly addictive !

photos: Lucky Cat, Bruno Allard & Daniel Beres.

12 septembre 2014

Many Thanks !!!

The Lucky Cat thanks again all his friends for their awesome support. The Glemseck 101 victories are also for them !

The Lucky Cat is really the luckiest one thanks to :

Laurence, Josiane, Roland & Frank for their trust, support & love.
Nico @ Aerotech'Nico for the paintjob.
Dirk & all his crew @ Edelweiss Motorsport for the Sprintbanger engine.
Cyril for his incredible help to create incredible parts such as the tank & bottle brackets. 
Daniel for his friendship & awesome photos as always.
Christophe @ 8 cycles for the aluminium starter cover & hours spent to help all night long.
Mathieu for his good advices regarding nitrous & bringing 2 full bottles all the way down to Paris just before Glemseck !
Renaud & Alain @ Mombaerts Race & Restauration for their long on going support.
David, Jean-Marc, David & all the team @ Furygan for their support & incredible work for the one off race suit.
Christian for his awesome skills when it comes to machine special parts such as intake stubs
Pierre, Zaza & Rey @ Edwin Europe for their friendship & on going Further support.
Benny Machine17 @Edwin Europe for his brainfuck and astonishing artworks.
Bruno & Laurent @ Gentlemen's Factory.
Shoei Europe for the great NXR full face helmet.
Dutch & Kent @ Airtech Streamlining for their great fairings.
Quentin, Florent & Sylvain for their valuable help eating dust & adapting the fairing.
Gaetan for cuting hard stainless steel.

Yves K. for helping building in last minute a great display stand out of raw stainless steel.
Nico for varnishing perfectly the dustbin fairing.
Kosta & all the team @ BMW Motorrad Deutschland.
Pierre @ Castrol France for the good juice.
Rémi @ Instantané for all the stickers "NuroFuck" & "Champignon".
Stefan for printing the Lucky Cat 101 tees.

Special thanks to Guillaume @ 400KM & Newcom Régie for his support.

Thumbs up for the Lucky Cat support fam, all our friends, supporters & followers on facebook, tumblr, instagram & here !

9 septembre 2014

mind blowing times @ Glemseck 101 !

Finally revealed & raced the revamped Sprintbeemer "Furtherer" at Glemseck 101 !
We finished the bike at 1 am friday morning, packed our stuff to head to Leonberg to join this great event with Fred & Hugo. 


We had the pleasure to meet again the Glemseck 101 crew, our friends from MO, Surfazz, JVB Motos, Sideburn magazine, BMW Motorrad Deutschland, Cafe Racer Magazine, Blitz Motorcycles, RAD magazine, Motor Circus Berlin, Unique Custom Cycles,  Walzwerk, Wrenchmonkees, Zen Motorcycles, KMP, Krautmotors, South Garage, Benders or D&O Cafe Racers ... sorry if we forgot one of you ! 

This week end was mind blowing for all the Lucky Cat crew !

Sprintbeemer revamped with new clothes & more power !
photo: BMW Motorrad.
photo: Klassik Kustoms.
Hugs with Dirk from Edelweiss Motorsport / photo: Ralf Reisch.
StaRRwars Sprint 1st place / photo: Ralf Reisch.
Hugs with my bro Frank / photo: Ralf Reisch
StaRRwars sprint #5 Sprintbeemer  > 1st place.

Congrats to my brother Frank Chatokhine who raced Guy Martin and won 2 times with this brand new ZX10 ! When it comes to racing on 2 wheels Frank is never joking !

Then Frank had a great show run on his '38 Triumph Speed Twin vs Klaus on his nice '37 BMW R5SS ... and guess what Frank won again !

Congrats also to our buddy Sylvain aka Holographic Hammer who won the International Sprint on his Suzuki Tzar ahead of Markus Reiterberger, former IDM SBK champion who racing an incredible nine T tuned by Edelweiss Motorsport.

Sunday morning was time to wrench a bit and adjust some details: tire pressure, NOS jets, test of different mufflers to get ready for the Classic Boxer Sprint.
Adjusting small details before the Classic Boxer Sprint sunday morning.
Classic Boxer Sprint / photo: BMW Motorrad.
Classic Boxer Sprint.

Classic Boxer Sprint / photo: BMW Motorrad.
Classic Boxer Sprint: #16 Sprintbeemer > 1st place !
photo: Motor Circus.
Glemseck 101 crew.
Find more photos on our Facebook page here and videos here.

Many Thanks / Danke to all the visitors, participants MO, Surfazz, Steven Flier
and all the GLEMSECK 101 crew for this awesome times in Leonberg.

>>> LEITER GEIL ! <<<

Thumbs up to the LuckyCat Support Family : Frank, Laurence, Cyril, Benny, Nico, Christophe, Christian, Quentin, Sylvain, Florent, Daniel, Sou, Mathieu and Guillaume.

Many thanks for your support & trust. 
The Cat is really Lucky thanks to all of you buddies.

your friendship & love are our Luck.