26 septembre 2013

Lucky Cat helmet ... work in progress !

Base is a Biltwell Inc. megaflake helmet on which we had a mix of stickers, die cut vinyl made by Venom Designs and an amazing gold leaf artwork by our sweet honey !
Unfinished for the moment it will need some more One-Shot paint work  ... stay tuned ! 

24 septembre 2013

hidden piece of work (and sweats)

Many hours were spent on this hidden part. The dustbin fairing is covering completely the front end but there is no reason to build nice hidden parts. The front hub is a quite modified original /5 drum brake machined on all its diameter then drilled. Drum brake plate was also machined and equipped with an airscoop. Don't ask if it improved the performance. We don't know. It was just made to have fun with the machine and try to do the best looking stuff out of the original castings from BMW !

for a better understanding here is the original hub before machining ...

23 septembre 2013


Have built this Street Racer in 2007/2008 using a Buell X1 as a base. I kept the "Nuclear Blue" tubular frame and add some special mods to make it looking good & fast : 
>modified S1 slim gas tank
>stainless steel rear subframe
>modified HD RR250 tiny seat
>999 front fender
>clip on handlebars
>"Indy racers tribute" paintwork by Venom Design
& plenty of small special details as usual !

19 septembre 2013

16 septembre 2013