27 juin 2015

goodtimes in Monthléry !

Awesome week end with all of you for Cafe Racer Festival ! Many thanks for your support, love & friendship buddies. Congrats to Laurent Zen Motorcycles who did well with his Turbo XR 1200 to kick the #sprintbeemer out of saturday race. 
Thumbs up to the french team who won the "Germany vs France" race on sunday. Get prepared for Glemseck 101 german mates !

Check our Cafe Racer Festival photo gallery on this LINK !

many thanks to Laurent Nivalle, Pascal Bléjean, ThomasSeulin, Misteratomic, JP Lagarde, So Ketty, Fluides Mécaniques, Michel Corraza & Aurore for the great photos of these #goodtimes

24 juin 2015

Wheels & Waves ... the year of the Lucky & Wet Cat !

Wheels And Waves was again a real blast of positive energy and passion !  any thanks to all of you and Southsiders Mc to make it happen again. All your support, kind words, love, good energy and friendship is our luck.This year's W&W was a blast of fun and good times ! 


We won Punk's Peak on Friday, got amazing times saturday despite the rain and won the Fotozino challenge one ... so we came back home with a super neat new ride : a wishbone framed shovelhead which is perfect to start a new project this upcoming winter !

Check the photogallery on our facebook page on this LINK !
super nice shots by Laurent Nivalle, Mike theBike, the Cat Racer, Motor Rausch, Bernard Testemale, David Marvier, Olivier Schindler, Khan, Cyril Dunn, Herman Head, Sarha Trigo, Moz2b, D. Viard, Cyril Casagrande !