29 juillet 2013

27 juillet 2013

in a hurry !

just one month left to finish the Lucky Cat Racer for Glemseck 101 in Germany !

the very good news are I will race in 2 classes : the 101 Cafe Racer Sprint 32 on saturday & the Starr War class for rigid frame on sunday !

other good news are also:
- the engine / clutch / gearbox are nearly ready. will just have to put them together, adjust the SilentHektik ignition device, set up the carbs ... and perform some tests.
- the rolling chassis is really close to be ready. some welding & bracketery in process & I will try to fix the planned fairing to gain some precious aerodynamic (joking!).


26 juillet 2013

opening !

After months of hard work & tough moments ... it's time to get back on track with new projects !
I'm happy/proud/glad/excited to open this new blog to share what makes my motorfreaker heart beats louder: dreams, love, inspiration & hand work !

First project to follow here: the first and only one Lucky Cat Racer powered by a BMW 2 valves boxer to enter the Glemseck 101 sprint race in about one month ... stay tuned and come back soon to get some fresh news and follow me on this thing !