30 août 2013

today !

It's time to pack our stuff, find a truck or a trailer and hit the road to get ready tomorrow for the sprint @ Glemseck 101 !!!


27 août 2013


A stupid BMX crash stopped a bit the Lucky Cat Garage work.
After some surgery it's clear now SonicSeb won't be able to ride the sprintbeemer with a left broken ankle and leg ! This is really BAD luck ...

... but the Lucky Cat is lucky enough to have great support and good mates: Frank finished the fairing bracket with Yves while the orthopedic surgeon was taking care of Seb broken bones last night ! Roland took care of ignition and carburetors settings yesterday. Laurence and Sylvain will finish the fairing paintjob tomorrow.

After some hours of doubts (not so much) we found a new rider (freak?) to jump on the sprintbeemer to enter Glemseck 101 dragstrip riot end of the week !

BIG UP & THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who pushed so hard to make it happen ! The Lucky Cat Racer will be on track for Glemseck 101 races saturday & sunday !

25 août 2013

more work !

The Lucky Cat Racer needs some more attention on the bench to be ready for Glemseck 101 !

24 août 2013

20 août 2013

nearly ready for some Dragstrip riot ...

After some issues with the frame powdercoating last week, we faced some difficulties with the '92 R100R gearbox. a wrecked circlip & a bad washer has been changed to solve the noisy thing covering even the exhaust megaphones !
The Lucky Cat racer is back on its wheels and has just started with some first good impressions. It's now time to adjust ignition and carbs to see how fast it can be ^^

rearsets finished !

gearbox vent tube & trans adapter (billet heavy duty steel)

Scitsu racing tachometer plugged
Steering brake knob made with a Norton Commando seat knob

No need to use a horn ... this should be noisy enough !

praise for the lowest Faster Lucky Cat !

seat view on temp gauge in the tank panel

Nearly ready for some Dragstrip riot ... stay Tuned !

15 août 2013

it's coming together !

engine in the frame :

ignition coil bracket :

ignition & battery box :

seat frame :

Silent Hektik ignition pick up :

Might PHM 40 :

The Lucky Cat Raer is on its wheels !


7 août 2013

seat pan & roll bar ...

Thanks to the great welding skills of my mate Frank we built this awesome stainless steel roll bar to fix the sweet aluminium seat pan ... rolling chassis nearly ready to roll for complete dismount and painting ! 

5 août 2013

Tank story

The gas tank story is funny. It's a barn find piece found by a friend who thought this could be interesting for one of our upcoming project.
This is from a 50 sport moped from the early sixties. The previous owner was probably dreaming to own later a BMW and he added two decals from a Paris dealer in Bastille. I decided to keep it as it is. I think it's rather funny to think that this guy couldn't have imagine or dream that later his tank would have beeen mounted on a BMW race bitza !!!

Besides the story it has a good patina and looks perfect on the sprintbeemer ! 

3 août 2013

heaven's in the details !

Front fairing bracketery in progress ...

 Adjustable struts hidden by original shock sleeves for the rear end ...

Classic mod on the front end: machined lower triple tree used on the top.

Exide battery box fixed. 

Machined rear hub for some more lightness and style ...

Needed some space for the rear tyre on the left side shock pod !

E-crown one off tail light in place ... 

More to come soon ... STAY TUNED !