22 janvier 2014

Un Pneu Dans La Tombe ... Personality of the Year 2013 !

Honored/proud/happy to receive an awesome distrinction from Un Pneu Dans La Tombe ("A Tire In The Grave") regarding the BMX crash, broken ankle & adventures with the Sprintbeemer at Glemseck 101 2013 where we won both the "Best of Show" award and the StaRRwars sprintrace.

Thanks again for your support guys !
Check the complete article in french & in english.

21 janvier 2014

Bike Exif 's custom BMW R Series TOP 10.

BIKE EXIF's top 10 BMW "R" custom bikes.
We are honored to have the Sprintbeemer featured in this selection:
part one / part two.

Thanks BIKE EXIF's readers & followers for your awesome support ! 

4 janvier 2014

DustBeemeR is a good companion !

Still unfinished but still running good and ready for any road trip, street terrorism action, race track fun and even more ... the DustBeemer is a really good companion always ready for bitchin' hard !

IDWP ride with Edwin Europe & Blitz - Les Vosges - France 2010.

WFWHF ride with Edwin Europe & Blitz - Derbyshire - UK 2011.

Rollerburn 2011 - UK.
Iron Bikers 2011 - circuit Carole - France.

BMW Motorrad Days 2011 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Germany.

Bol d'Or Classic 2011 - Magny Cours - France.
Iron Bikers 2012 - Monthléry - France.

Wheels & Waves 2012 - Biarritz - France.

Coupes Moto Légende 2012 - Dijon - France.

Cafe Racer Festival 2013 - Monthléry - France.

BMW Motorrad Days 2013 - Garmisch Partenkishen - Germany.

Waiting for some new adventures and roadtrips in front of the garage
Chartres - France.
More photos & details on 4h10!

2 janvier 2014

HoneyRaceR in progress ...

Let's continue dismounting this old british skoot to make it lighter and faster ....
To achieve this one The Lucky Cat Garage teams up with Atelier Chatokhine for this very special HoneyRacer project.

We will just keep the original rear hub ...

 ... and forget about the original front fork as we have already another plan for the front end !

This rear frame will need some work to have a smooth and slim profile ! 

While Frank & Seb are finishing to prepare the frame, Roland is already working on the engine tuning and rebuilt. This british twin will have lot of torque and a good amount of horsepower we're sure !

And as always you can see all the pain we had wrenchin' together :)

STAY TUNED in 2014: This new cat will be damn fast !
Great photos by Daniel Beres.

1 janvier 2014

! H N Y 2 0 1 4 !

 Thank you for your support and the incredible lucky year we had thanks to all our friends !

The Lucky Cat wishes you all a LuckY & FaSt StArT into this new year !