23 décembre 2013

Bike of the Year ?

Wind-blown offers you to vote for the "Bike of the Year" among a nice selection of custom bikes. Our Sprintbeemer is nominated and waiting for your vote on this link if you dig it and want to support. Thanks mates !

>> WIND-blown bike of the year <<

21 décembre 2013

BacK on 2 whEELs !

Today was a fuckin' good day: just had a short and freezy ride around with the Dustbeemer. Can't tell you how good is that freedom feeling ... The Lucky Cat is back on 2 wheels !

16 décembre 2013

Opération Glemseck 101

Read about our epic adventures @Glemseck 101 2013 in the latest issue of Moto Heroes with the awesome photo report from Daniel Beres. 10 pages to celebrate with us our victories with nice portraits of The Lucky Cat Garage crew and Sylvain aka Holographic Hammer who joined to win !

Again all our love and luck to everybody who has supported and helped to make it happen.

Go check it out !

8 décembre 2013

Meet the SprintBeemer in Paris 'till tonight !

photo: P.Bouchenot.

'till tonight in Paris Motorcycle Show ... meet the #Sprintbeemer on CAFE RACER exhibition in really good company with Lorenzo Eroticolor Motorcycle Enthusiast artwork !

1 décembre 2013


Less weight is good for a faster acceleration but saving weight can be also a good pretext to enhance a part just for the pleasure of detailing and style !
That what we've done with this new short ratio rear end for next year dragstrip rodeos with the SprintBeemer ...

More milling work to come if you dig that ... StaY TuneD !

29 novembre 2013

Triple Tree Trick !

Upon request of some of you here is the trick for the upper triple tree on the SprintBeemer.
It's just a bottom piece machined to fit on the top. This is commonly used on beemer cafe racers or racers for a much stronger and smooth style to the front end ...

Final result: a nice upper tree which looks smooth and rigid compared to the original steel plate ... 

photo: David Marvier.

25 novembre 2013

Lucky Cat XS LowFlyer.

Built for bitchin' around using a XS 650 447 model this is The Lucky Cat Garage vision of a bobbed low flyer ...

main mods:
>tank: NOS Yamaha DT360
>front fork: shortened & shaved XS fork
>triple tree: shaved
>handlebar: BMW R75/5
>grips: Hippy Killer
>headlight: Bates style 4,5''
>rear shock: short and nearly rigid !
>seat: one off alloy sheet with a piece of vinyl
>frame: modified (loop frame & passenger footpeg bracket removed)
>tyres: Firestone Deluxe
>exhaust: Gordon Scott Engineering with Supertrapp system
>tail light: Bosch replica
>side covers: original modified
>carbs: Mikuni VM 34 with special intake manifolds
>ignition: Kennedy (no battery)
>oil pump & external oil filter: Heiden Tuning


photo: Dimitri Coste.

Lucky Cat RiDeS !

Just wanted to share with you some good rides we had on track, off road or whatever ...

4Hours Classic SPA Francorchamps 2012
Team Mombaerts Race & Restauration.

4H Classic SPA Francorchamps 2012
Team Mombaerts Race & Restauration.

GS Trophy France.
Lookin' for traction !

BMW Motorrad Days 2013.
Honey cruisin' on the Dustbeemer !

Wheels & Waves 2013 sprint with Roland Sands.
He's fast on the new R 1200 GS !

Wheels & Waves 2013.
Having a rest and waiting for other freaks !

Wheels & Waves 2013.
Sprint race with Xabi from Atelier11.

Iron Bikers 2013.
Fun on track with Mombaerts Race & Restauration R100 "Daytona"

Iron Bikers 2013.
Scratchin' the surface !

GS Trophy France.
Playin' in the dirt with the SixDaysBeemer !

23 novembre 2013

Tout est dans la pression.

Just caught the last "Speed" special issue of Cafe Racer Magazine in France with full pages of Sprintbeemer photos beautifully captured by JF Muguet.
Really stoked how these photos show all the love we gave to create this racer !

Thanks again Cafe Racer. Get yours at your local press dealer !

20 novembre 2013

Lucky Cat SixDaysBeemer.

The story started with this good old R80/7 bought in the Paris suburb with a leaky gas tank but with an engine in pretty good shape ...

The idea was to build a new beemer but for sure not a cafe racer. Why not playin' in the dirt with the 2 valve boxer ?
Some pioneers like Laslo Peres or Herbert Shek used to ride off road with special BMW prototype even in the ISDT ! 
After It was time to find and collect the right parts to adapt this beemer for some tough rides in the dirt: 70s MX fenders, /6 gas tank with motorsport paint scheme by Venom Design, yellow number plates, Yamaha headlight with grill, longer rear shocks, some work on front fork, short mufflers with db killers, very useful HPN reinforced oil pan, vintage MX wide handlebar and a set of Continental TKC80 off road tires ... and here is the result after some work :

This bike was ready to race for the second GS Trophy France in 2012 ...

And again in 2013 we entered the GS Trophy France challenge in the "Classic category" after some improvements: MX footpegs welded on the original brackets, Ballistic lithium battery, K&N filter in original airbox, Mikuni VM carbs, billet upper triple tree and a quite comfortable /5 solo seat ... 

This was really good fun and this SixDaysBeemer did its job well finishing 23rd of the overall GS Trophy ranking (approximately 100 participants) and 3rd of the "Classic category" in 2013.

Dig that dirty beemer ?
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