31 juillet 2014


Just started to dismount the #sprintbeemer to work on the "furtherer" revamp & get ready 
The bike will feature some new technical stuff to go faster and a complete new body work with a new paintjob. Many thanks to our friends from Airtech Streamlining for supporting the project with a great dustbin fairing again !

dismounting the #sprintbeemer for the #furtherer revamp !
#sprintbeemer pieces all around ...
new tank mock up ...

 Tons of work ahead but we'll have some help & support from new partners & friends soon ! 

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25 juillet 2014

thanks for your support !

Thanks to YOUR AWESOME LOVE & SUPPORT ...WE WILL MAKE IT & GET THAT NOS injection kit mounted on the Sprintbeemer !

special thanks & all the luck to

Agnès P. from Joinville le Pont, Ludovic R. from London, Frederic C. from La Queue en Brie, Thibaud C. from Paris, Christophe T. from Cairanne, Antoine M. from Paris, Cédric P. from Saint Cyr sur Loire, Stefan S. from Gankönigshofen, Pierre-Alexandre T. from Paris, Hugo J. from Paris, Frank C. from Ouerray, Alejandro SG from Barcelona, Marc C. from Paris, Renia & J-Yves S. from Dangers, Eric L. from Kronberg in Taunus, Fred J. from Paris, Roland S. from Munich, Alexander H. from Berlin, Jonathan N. from Brussels, Luis Calero M. from Madrid, Tom Pablo G. from Toulouse, David H. from Washington, Massimo C. from Baleares, Celine M. from Paris, Pete O. from Belfast, Rémi B. from Paris, Quentin C. from Paris, Daniel B. from Paris, Filipo L. from Padova, Jean M. from Monaco, Gaspard G. from Hausgauen,  Christophe C. from Toulouse, David L. from Galicia, Jens VdB. from Koln, Jorg L. from Stuttgart, Martin J. from Boulogne Billancourt, Laurence C. from Chartres, Gaetan P. from Chartres, Juan Ramon O. from Madrid, Olivier V. from Gent, Ondrej V. from Praha, Ola S. from Munich, Franck J. from Castelginest, Martin C. from Sydney,   Fred K. from Basse Bodeux, Frederic O. from Porto Vecchio, Lennard S. from Amsterdam,   ...

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> THUMBS UP to Rey, Benny, Zaza, Pierre & all our buddies @ Edwin Europe for their awesome support !

LET'S GO FURTHERer with some Nitrous !

17 juillet 2014

Praise the Speed.

Mister Lorenzo Eroticolor strikes again with this new artwork inspired by the Sprintbeemer : 

and light your fire

How can't we be so proud of such a great tribute ?

Get your ARISTROCRATIC MOTORCYCLIST "PRAISE THE SPEED" / Sprintbeemer Tribute deluxe poster (only 666 copies available in the galaxy).
> more infos on Aristocratic Motorcyclist by Lorenzo Eroticolor.

12 juillet 2014

Just a few left available !!!

... don't wait & get yours ! 

We're not far from being able to buy the NOS kit for the sprintbeemer :D


Thanks to Edwin Europe you can spread the love & support The Lucky Cat Garage by buying this tee-shirt designed by Benny Robinson. All the benefits will be used to purchase a Nitrous Oxyde System this summer to get more HP on the sprintbeemer... Very limited quantities ... get lucky, get yours !

> available sizes: M / L / XL
> 100% cotton made by Edwin
> 45€ including shipping / payment through paypal >
> please don't forget to write your adress and size in your message through paypal !

8 juillet 2014

BMW Motorrad Days 2014

Good times in Garmisch Partenkirchen for the BMW Motorrad Days ... missed the Boxer Sprint but had great moments with plenty of old and new friends .... Motor CircusFuel Bespoke MotorcyclesMaxBOXER Motos BMWBlitz MotorcyclesEdelweiss MotorsportEl SolitarioRoland Sands Design,Glemseck 101MO Motorrad-MagazinBMW Motorrad Deutschland and many others like Troy Corser who approved the rider nasty position on the sprintbeemer !

Had also time to visit the BMW Museum in Munich on the way ... pure beemer porn you can check on our tumblr & facebook page !

Now back in the workshop it's time to work hard again to get prepared for the upcoming Glemseck 101 event in september !