25 novembre 2013

Lucky Cat XS LowFlyer.

Built for bitchin' around using a XS 650 447 model this is The Lucky Cat Garage vision of a bobbed low flyer ...

main mods:
>tank: NOS Yamaha DT360
>front fork: shortened & shaved XS fork
>triple tree: shaved
>handlebar: BMW R75/5
>grips: Hippy Killer
>headlight: Bates style 4,5''
>rear shock: short and nearly rigid !
>seat: one off alloy sheet with a piece of vinyl
>frame: modified (loop frame & passenger footpeg bracket removed)
>tyres: Firestone Deluxe
>exhaust: Gordon Scott Engineering with Supertrapp system
>tail light: Bosch replica
>side covers: original modified
>carbs: Mikuni VM 34 with special intake manifolds
>ignition: Kennedy (no battery)
>oil pump & external oil filter: Heiden Tuning


photo: Dimitri Coste.

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