27 août 2013


A stupid BMX crash stopped a bit the Lucky Cat Garage work.
After some surgery it's clear now SonicSeb won't be able to ride the sprintbeemer with a left broken ankle and leg ! This is really BAD luck ...

... but the Lucky Cat is lucky enough to have great support and good mates: Frank finished the fairing bracket with Yves while the orthopedic surgeon was taking care of Seb broken bones last night ! Roland took care of ignition and carburetors settings yesterday. Laurence and Sylvain will finish the fairing paintjob tomorrow.

After some hours of doubts (not so much) we found a new rider (freak?) to jump on the sprintbeemer to enter Glemseck 101 dragstrip riot end of the week !

BIG UP & THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who pushed so hard to make it happen ! The Lucky Cat Racer will be on track for Glemseck 101 races saturday & sunday !

4 commentaires:

  1. oh that sucks man! Good luck with your leg and kick some ass in Glemseck

    1. Thanks for your message. We have stolen the show and won the STARRWARS race. That was fuckin' good !
      hope to see you there next year lennard !

  2. Mi spiace veramente tanto ...questa si chiama davvero sfortuna dopo tanto lavoro all'ultimo momento questo guaio. Rimetti presto e buona guarigione

  3. thanks for your support Rocket68