4 avril 2014

awesome & true story !

Sometimes some story are hard to believe but are true ... this one is great. I hope you know the great artist Lorenzo who's creating under the name Lorenzo Eroticolor. His glamourous world is made of beautiful and elegant girls and mechanic fantasms powered by speed.

In his serie entittled "Aristocratic Motorcyclist" Lorenzo created this "Speed Victory" after having seen the first pictures of our #Sprintbeemer project last august. But the awesome point is that he had no clue that a dustbin fairing was planned .... that is to say we had the same vision while creating our own thing !

Ain't that awesome that the pencils of Lorenzo were going almost in the same direction than the tools from the Lucky Cat ? I love this idea !

Being really a lucky dude, this piece of art was my birthday gift beginning of this year thanks to friends and family. Many thanks to all of you mates !

Sure you will heard soon about Lorenzo Eroticolor and his new serie "Eloge de la Vitesse".

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