16 mai 2014

See you there !

The Lucky Cat Garage will be at several nice events in the upcoming months ...

COUPES MOTO LEGENDE / Dijon-Prenois / France
One of the most exciting classic bike event in Europe. So many awesome classic bikes on display and also on the race track. We will be there to ride a wonderful racer from our friend from Mombaerts Race & Restauration !

Wheels & Waves / Biarritz / France
We'll be there 12 to 14 june to enjoy the Euskadi sunny beach and twisty roads !

IRON BIKERS / circuit Carole / France
Just there on sunday to fly low and scratch the surface on the race track !
can't wait to ride there ... probably with a brand new BMW nine T
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CAFE RACER Festival / Linas-Monthléry / France
This would be the first race for the Sprintbeemer this year !!!
1/8 mile dragstrip riot on the beautiful location of the legendary Autodrome de Linas Monthléry where many speed records were achieved !

HOT ROD & CUSTOM SHOW / Chimay / Belgium
Mainly a custom & hot rod cars event, we have registered to enter the show & shine but also 1/8 mile races and 1000m speed trials with the Sprintbeemer ... at least we should know what the beast is capable of !!!
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BMW Motorrad Days 2014 / Garmisch-Partenkirschen / Germany
The second Classic Boxer Sprint will be organized during this nice BMW fans meeting.
The Sprintbeemer will be there to enter the 1/8 mile sprintrace for sure !
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GLEMSECK 101 / Leonberg / Germany
Probably the biggest Cafe Racer event in Europe. A special taste with all the sprint races organized there ... after winning the best of show and the StaRRwars race in 2013, we'll be back for more with a big surprise and especially to meet you all again !

See you there buddies !

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