3 juin 2014

Good Times in Dijon !

Good times during Coupes Moto Légende 2014 on the great Dijon Prenois race track : The Lucky Cat Garage was back on track with a nice beemer racer loaned by Mombaerts Race & Restauration. Bike is a beemer bitza with a stock R100 engine but handling is good enough to tackle some rice racers ... except in the straight line !

Despite a flat tire & a leaky rear shock saturday we got enough chance to find a rear shock for loan for the sunday session and very good feeling with the Continental race tires.

> Great photos from Daniel Beres (as always !).


It was again a great pleasure to share good times with some good friends: Sebastian Gutsch, Frank Chatokhine, Martin "Matchless", PA Treust, Daniel Beres, Alain Mombaerts,  JY aka BultacoSherpa, Rénia, Sylvain aka Holographic Hammer and many other good folks I forgot to mention. Big up for Laurence who bravely rode Frank's mighty '38 Speed Twin for the very first time there ! > Special thought to Rémi & Lionel who missed us. 

next rendez vous : 

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