12 septembre 2014

Many Thanks !!!

The Lucky Cat thanks again all his friends for their awesome support. The Glemseck 101 victories are also for them !

The Lucky Cat is really the luckiest one thanks to :

Laurence, Josiane, Roland & Frank for their trust, support & love.
Nico @ Aerotech'Nico for the paintjob.
Dirk & all his crew @ Edelweiss Motorsport for the Sprintbanger engine.
Cyril for his incredible help to create incredible parts such as the tank & bottle brackets. 
Daniel for his friendship & awesome photos as always.
Christophe @ 8 cycles for the aluminium starter cover & hours spent to help all night long.
Mathieu for his good advices regarding nitrous & bringing 2 full bottles all the way down to Paris just before Glemseck !
Renaud & Alain @ Mombaerts Race & Restauration for their long on going support.
David, Jean-Marc, David & all the team @ Furygan for their support & incredible work for the one off race suit.
Christian for his awesome skills when it comes to machine special parts such as intake stubs
Pierre, Zaza & Rey @ Edwin Europe for their friendship & on going Further support.
Benny Machine17 @Edwin Europe for his brainfuck and astonishing artworks.
Bruno & Laurent @ Gentlemen's Factory.
Shoei Europe for the great NXR full face helmet.
Dutch & Kent @ Airtech Streamlining for their great fairings.
Quentin, Florent & Sylvain for their valuable help eating dust & adapting the fairing.
Gaetan for cuting hard stainless steel.

Yves K. for helping building in last minute a great display stand out of raw stainless steel.
Nico for varnishing perfectly the dustbin fairing.
Kosta & all the team @ BMW Motorrad Deutschland.
Pierre @ Castrol France for the good juice.
Rémi @ Instantané for all the stickers "NuroFuck" & "Champignon".
Stefan for printing the Lucky Cat 101 tees.

Special thanks to Guillaume @ 400KM & Newcom Régie for his support.

Thumbs up for the Lucky Cat support fam, all our friends, supporters & followers on facebook, tumblr, instagram & here !

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