7 janvier 2015

what a lucky year !

2014 was really a stunning lucky year and we had a Blast thanks to the amazing support & love we received the all year everywhere.

We started being invited to show our Sprintbeemer during the Motopoétique exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Lyon then in the prestigious Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in Italy among rare and beautiful cars & bikes.

Perfect & Lucky times during the RRLride organized by Ralph Lauren in Paris. Outstanding places & nice people sharing a good ride around Paris.

We had the chance also to scratch the surface a bit on the beautiful race track of Dijon during the Coupes Moto Légende in Dijon on a nice beemer racer built by Mombaerts Race & Restauration.

Then we were again part of the amazing Wheels & Waves Art Ride exhibition and the Punk's Peak race where we finished 4th but had a really good time with so many old and new friends the all week end. Losing is sometimes a good feeling ! 

Iron Bikers was taking place the same week end than Wheels & Waves in Carole (small & nice race track in the north of Paris). We had the chance to be there as well and had really good times on the racetrack riding several bikes and some crazy ones as this GSX400 loaned by Phil from the FATclub ...

The next week end we were in Monthléry for the Cafe Racer Festival. We won the 1/8 sprint races on saturday and sunday. just finished second against a quite fast gixxer on sunday during the super final !

We also had a great time this week end @ Dangers MC with our mates Jorg & Jens who came along from Germany !

End of june and despite a really bad weather we joined Belgium to race again the 1/8 & 1/4 mile sprints during the European Hot Rod & Custom Show in Chimay. We won the pre-78 dragbike class and met again some kool guys.

We had then the opportunity to join the BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch Partenkirchen. No sprint race unfortunately but we had some good fun offering a test position to double SBK world champion Troy Corser on BMW Motorrad Germany booth ...

Then came the time to revamp the Sprintbeemer again for the #furtherer version and get ready for Glemseck 101 in september. We received an incredible support all over the world by selling our Edwin tees to buy a nitrous kit ...

... but also great partnerships with Edwin Europe, Airtech Streamlining, Shoei Europe, Furygan, Instantané and many friends came to help again: Frank, Christophe, Christian, Cyril, Nico, Benny Machine17, Yves, Quentin, Sylvain, Florent & the all team from Dirk @ Edelweiss Motorsport in Germany.

Glemseck 101 was really one of the best event. Many nice guys among the visitors but also bike builders and motorcycle enthusiasts. 
We won StaRRwars sprint & Classic Boxer Sprint and had a GEIL time again in Leonberg !

Few weeks later the Sprintbeemer was entering the AMD World Custom Bike championship during Intermot in Germany. Thanks to many friends working days & nights we finished to rebuild the bike just in time to come back on stage. 

The Sprintbeemer finished second place in the retro mod class of the Custom bike world championship ! This is an outstanding result we're proud of as the bike was basically intented to win races not show bike contests !
We had a really good time visiting JvB moto & the motorfreakers from Amadeus Speed Shop in Koln.

And  our good mate Ludo from Crazy Racers won the Cafe Racer Class with his Ducati cafe, Xavier Riverside the Street Performance Class while Fred Krugger got his second Free Style Class first place crown/ring !

After these good times in Germany we had a crazy day of photoshooting with the always awesome and talented photographer Dingo for the current Furygan catalog

Sprintbeemer was on display @ BMW Motorrad France headquarters for a few weeks to celebrate the AMD Custom Bike championship runner up result in retro mod class.

We moved then to Moto Légende show in Vincennes where we organized a quite kool booth with the support of our friends @ Instantané. We had again great times with our friends from Gentlemen's Factory.

In december we were invited to come on stage with BMW Motorrad Germany during the biggest custom bike event in Europe : the Custombike Show in Bad Salzufflen (Germany). A great week end with good buddies !

And yes we're proud to have again inspired so many talented artists with our work:
Julien Lecointe, Lorenzo Eroticolor, and Antoine Gaslais !

We had also really good times with great collaborations with Edwin Europe, A Piece of Chic, Gentlemen's Factory, Schlenkdrukt,  Furygan and Shoei.

Last but not least thumbs up to all the very talented photographers & friends who captured these great moments: first of all our great buddy Daniel Beres but also (in no particular order): David Marvier, Hermann Head, Denis Boussard, Jo Fischer, Bernard Testemale, Remi Desclaux, Laurent Nivalle,  Jenny Jurnelius, Victor Voigner, Uta Bodenstein, Sahra Trigo, Dingo Nicholas Coleman, Charles Epineau, Aurore Deb, Frank Schulte, Jerome Pierre, Max Funk, Jan Kounen, Fabian Hoberg, Monkeefist, Ralf Reisch, John Isaac, Hiroyuki Maeda, Oliver Schindler, Thomas Caplain, Patrick Visser, Limpe Iven, Paul Griveaux, Sophie Ketty, Chazter, Marchini Marozza, Gotz Goppert, Kirsten Schmid, Andreas Fuchs, Stefan Hillen, Francois Herman, Patrick Douki, Stephan Sabath, Laurent Roy ... 

Many thanks again to all of you who supporting our work by following us here but also on Facebook, Tumblr & Instagram

your support is our Luck !
Let's get even faster in 2015 !

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