27 juin 2015

goodtimes in Monthléry !

Awesome week end with all of you for Cafe Racer Festival ! Many thanks for your support, love & friendship buddies. Congrats to Laurent Zen Motorcycles who did well with his Turbo XR 1200 to kick the #sprintbeemer out of saturday race. 
Thumbs up to the french team who won the "Germany vs France" race on sunday. Get prepared for Glemseck 101 german mates !

Check our Cafe Racer Festival photo gallery on this LINK !

many thanks to Laurent Nivalle, Pascal Bléjean, ThomasSeulin, Misteratomic, JP Lagarde, So Ketty, Fluides Mécaniques, Michel Corraza & Aurore for the great photos of these #goodtimes

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