22 juillet 2015

#9 is our lucky number !

#9 is our lucky number ! we had super nice times in Kings Lynn for #DTRA round 4 & #DirtQuake presented by our friends from Sideburn.
Amazing bikes, good ride, racing, sliding, beers, awesome bands ...

Our #loudfast #daxmix did well finishing 6th in the DirtQuake ladies class while the #fotozino #crf #dtx got 4th / 34 in the DTRA rookie class. Thumbs up to all riders & especially Frank, Christophe, Jeremy, Christophe, Dimitri, Serge, Hubert, Maxime, Laurence, Renia, Laurence !
Special thoughts for Lennard from Bubble Visor.

We've got the #flattrackfever now & can't wait to train more to get faster & hopefully join the last round in Rye House to race again.

Thanks again to everybody who worked hard to make it happen & to our friends from Furygan, FTWco & Gentlemen's Factory for their support.

Check all photos on this link !

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