10 septembre 2013


Racing days @Glemseck 101 in Leonberg where we won the STARRWARS sprint race vs crazy rigid Buell and Harley but also the awesome R75 WH Bobber from Krautmotors ! Enjoy these videos !

STARRWARS semi final 2013
Lucky Cat sprintbeemer vs Airport Race Day Crew Buell rigid framed

STARRWARS semi final 2013
Krautmotors R75 WH Bobber vs MB Cycles rigid sportster

STARRWARS final 2013
Lucky Cat sprintbeemer vs Krautmotors R75 WH Bobber

> Special thanks to Achim Heise from for the vids !

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  1. Hi seb , a Happy New Year . Please can you exchange under the video in the URL . Thank you very much . See you on 101 Glemseck ..achim