9 septembre 2013

the taste of victory ...

After receiving the best of show award saturday night, The Lucky Cat Sprintbeemer won the STARRWARS sprint race sunday with Sylvain (Holographic Hammer) who performed very good starts for the 1/8 mile !
Find all pictures of our first race @ Glemseck 101 and the build of the bike on our Facebook fanpage:

We really all felt in Leonberg and on the web a great enthusiasm and support from everybody and from our fans and friends. These moments were just incredible.
We really want to thank you all for supporting us
and helping the #sprintbeemer fly like a missile !

A big thank you for all our friends who make this first story possible despite some difficulties: Frank, Laurence, Roland, Josiane, Yves, J-Yves, J-Sylvain, Lucie, Jerome, Sylvain, Rénia, Hugo, Fred, Rey, Pierre B., Zaza, Axel, Pierre P., Daniel, Kosta ...
... no to forget my kids, mum & dad.

The Lucky Cat Garage is proudly supported by :

These victories are dedicated to my missing friends & brothers: Arno, Mathieu & Thomas.

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